Hotel-Style Bed Sheets To Live The Dream of Five-Star Luxury, At Home

Ah, Bedtime. Our beds are often our sanctuary. If we’re lucky, we get the occasional languorous lazy Sunday morning to simply be in bed. Why not make it as luxuriant as possible, right?

We’re out and about all day, constantly alert and navigating the inevitable highs and lows of life. The ultimate retreat at the end of each day is this: falling into soft, luxurious bed sheets and letting your troubles melt away.

Heavenly bed sheets are not only for high-end hotels. You deserve to be cosily enveloped in swathes of the softest sheets and the best luxury linens at home, too. With our list of the best luxury hotel-worthy bed sheets, you’ll enjoy that luxe hotel feeling every night.

We’ve dreamed up the ultimate guide to the best luxury hotel bedding so you’ll be yearning for bedtime.

Possible side effects include earlier nights and late mornings— with our list of the best premium bed sheets, you might not ever want to leave…

  1. Brooklinen: Best overall
  2. Casper: Best value
  3. Frette: Best high-end
  4. Saatva: Best organic cotton
  5. Brooklinen: Best linen
  6. Parachute: Best sateen
  7. Luxor Linens: Best crisp white
  8. Nectar Sleep: Best cooling sheets for summer
  9. Malouf: Best warming sheets for winter
  10. Marriott: Best hotel bed sheets
  11. PlushBeds: Best for sensitive skin
  12. Mayfair Linen: Best budget
  13. Lily Silk: Best silk
  14. THXsilk: Most trendy
  15. Sferra: Best Egyptian cotton

The 5 best luxury bedding brands

Frette: Frette is thought to be as good as it gets when it comes to bedding. Their globally renowned bed linens dress the beds of luxury hotels, royalty and the rich and famous. If you’re committed to the true hotel experience, these could be a worthy investment.

Attention to detail and the highest quality fabrics, plus the prestigious clientele, make Frette a clear winner.

Brooklinen: Brooklinen is a top retailer for high quality crisp, white linen sheets. Their cotton range is worth mentioning, too. Most notable for their lightweight feel, these sheets are designed to soften with each wash.

For classic, timeless quality which will withstand trend fluctuations, Brooklinen could be perfect.

Luxor Linens: Luxor Linens provides a range of popular fabric choices. Their 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets are a favourite; made with 100% Egyptian cotton, they promise a super-soft sleep experience. They also have a highly regarded bamboo range, which is good for those with sensitive skin.

Parachute: Parachute is a well-respected brand within the world of bed sheets. Their chosen fabrics tend to be very breathable, whether that’s sateen, percale or linen. They do not use artificial softeners on their sheets, however they seem to maintain a durable softness regardless.

Nectar Sleep: Nectar Sleep is considered well above-average in regard to their bedding. In particular, their 100% cotton sheets are thought to be more breathable than some of their competitors, meaning we consider them a favourite for summer cooling bed sheets.

Frequently asked questions about bed sheets

What are the most luxurious sheets?

Frette are revered for their supreme quality sheets. They’re famed for dressing the beds of royalty, and hugely popular among high-end hoteliers. We also love the Giza 45 Seta collection by Sferra. Bringing classic Italian artistry and style, their made-to-order sheets reflect over a century of expertise.

What are the highest quality bed sheets?

Brooklinen are a strong contender for the highest quality bed sheets. We love their Classic Percale Sheet Bundle, which is crafted from long-staple cotton for a soft, smooth finish. Also OEKO-TEX certified, you can be confident you’re sleeping in chemical-free sheets, too.

What are the best bed sheets to buy?

Brooklinen, Nectar Sleep, Frette, Saatva, Parachute, and Sferra are some of the best bed sheet suppliers on the market in 2020. See our full ranking of the best bed sheets to buy. We’ve carefully selected brands which pay fastidious attention to their materials, methods and practices.