Cocktail Style After-Hours, While Working From Home!

In spite of the best spirits you indulge in, your choice of mixers are simply boring and limited to either a Tetra juice or a Carbonated Soft drink. & Stirred is a simple, no-fuss mix balanced to perfection like any professional bartender’s concoction that offers consistent and great tasting cocktails anytime, every time!

When we asked Rakesh, Owner of AndStirred about his preferred drink among the four, he chuckles, before answering, “I prefer a margarita. The tequila content in the drink, coupled with the mix we have, makes for a real smooth and potent drink.”

As of now, &Stirred ships via their website and Amazon; they have a strong presence in Delhi, Gurugram, NCR and recently tied up with Dorabjee’s, so you can spot them in Mumbai and Pune.

Cocktails have always been a bartender’s craft and have traditionally been served at the bar counter by a professional. However, there’s one brand which is trying to introduce cocktails inside Indian homes while also simplifying it down to a cut-pour-stir format. &Stirred, the brand offers cocktail mixes in pouches. The ready to mix liquid (much like fruit syrups) is to be had with unflavoured white spirits like vodka, white rum and tequila. The variants on offer include popular mixes like Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, Kamikaze shots, Margarita, Mojito and Pina Colada. Priced at Rs 50 per pouch, each pack is adequate for 60 ml servings.

Discover The Story behind Making of India’s First Cocktail Mix Brand – & Stirred

Most people I know love drinking cocktails but don’t land up drinking often and the reason for that is: Don’t know how to make them, Too much of an effort OR Will never have everything that goes into making one.

Every time I have invited a group of friends over, I have spent more time behind the bar making those simple but better drinks than having a tete-a-tete. Tetra juices and carbonated sodas are just not me. That’s when a question popped in my head – There has to be a better option of making those amazing cocktails.

This triggered the launch of ‘& Stirred’ cocktail mix, the simplest and most convenient way of making perfect cocktails/mocktails. Anytime Anywhere!

Fine Spirits deserve a Great Mixer.

Rakesh Sheth – Owner at & Stirred Cocktails

For Western consumers and businesses, India can seem like a totally different, even exotic world. Can you shortly describe the basics of the beverage market in India?

India is a whisky cultured society. It is heavily skewed towards dark spirits. The top 3 categories are whiskey (66%), rum (17%) and brandy (12%). Vodka is at disappointing 3%.

Well priced – Rs. 50 (75 cents) for a single serve pack. Superlative packaging – Looks tempting, seeds curiosity from a shelf and has everything a lay-man needs to know about the what and how of the product. Awesome taste – the concoctions are developed using the best ingredients by one of the biggest names in the world of mixology in India, an author of book on cocktails, runs a bar tending school and so on.

&Stirred currently has four different flavors, but do you plan to release any others? If so, which cocktail is next?

Idea was to launch the most common ones to start with and enroll a consumer in the world of cocktails. The next batch is when I slowly start experimenting. &Stirred is still in its nappy days. Also, it has a large ground to cover. What I can say is – while I will keep toying with exciting flavors within white spirits, I am also looking at different categories. Whiskey could be an exciting bet. – Rakesh Sheth

To see your products on the shelves at retail stores is a milestone for every brand. Which retailers is &Stirred targeting right now?

The got to market strategy is quite simple. I am not an impulse “quench your thirst” product hence it needs to have a selective distribution spread.

On-ground: While the predicted route of modern trade, select gourmet stores, condominium/top-up shops will be my priority one. I am more likely to follow my consumer (primarily women). – Rakesh Sheth