Ayurveda to Cure the skin/hair?

The ancient healing ways of Ayurveda are making a comeback as consumers increasingly reject chemical-laden products made from artificial substances. Ayurvedic brands in the wellness and beauty segment are using ingredients such as herbs, plants, and other naturally-occurring ingredients in their products.

You’re loading up on these immune-boosting foods? “But of course,” you reply. Nobody wants to get sick with a cough, headache, fever, runny nose, congestion, the works. To up your cold-and-flu protection game and strengthen your immunity, we consulted nutritionists and health experts to find the best vitamins and supplements to boost the immune system you should load up on to keep you healthy and strong.

Medicinal Ayurvedic Azadirachta indica or Neem leaves in mortar and pestle with neem paste.

As always, consult with your doctor before adding any new herbs to your diet. And worth remembering: “A healthy diet is the best way to maintain a strong immune system. But immune system herbs are a convenient way to ensure that nutritional needs are met.

These brands have been quick to notice the trend and are focussing on treating skin problems and health ailments holistically. Despite being new players in the market, they are carrying forward the legacy of the Ayurvedic system – an important part of the value proposition offered by their products.

Nutrients enter our body through food. However, our food these days has lower-yielding nutritional values. The type of food we eat and the challenges of a healthy lifestyle have changed significantly in recent years.

While large brands such as Himalaya Herbals, Khadi Natural, Vaadi Herbals, Forest Essentials, and Biotique have made their mark in the space, this has not crippled the enthusiasm of the upcoming Ayurvedic brands, which are eyeing a big piece of the pie.

Top 4 Brands in the market being a startup but killing the big players day by day!


Bespoke Ayurvedic beauty brand Just Herbs, which ventured into the retail space in June 2017, is on an expansion spree. The flagship brand of Chandigarh-based APCOS Naturals, Just Herbs started operations in November 2013 as an online-first venture through its e-store ‘www.justherbs.in’. Within a short span, the brand has created a credible space in the domestic as well as international Ayurvedic beauty markets owing to its highly effective and skin-friendly product offerings.


Sutatva is an Online Ayurvedic Store into sale of Organic Skin Hair Products. Products are Free From Chemicals and Parabens.


When we started out in 2015, our aim was to find affordable, yet effective solutions that took complete care of our body and soul. Our search led us to discover the many secrets of Ayurveda. This ancient Indian science blended our heritage and took us back to our roots. We used our findings to create a comprehensive range of beauty and wellness products. So that is how the story about Sutatva.

Sacred Salts

Brands like Kama Ayurveda, Khadi, Forest Essentials, and more are dominating the Indian organic and Ayurvedic skincare industry. And stepping into this diverse and competitive market is Chhavi Singh, who founded premium skincare brand Sacred Salts in 2018 in Gurugram. 

Sacred Salts is a premium skincare and accessories brand that is launched with the philosophy to bring the use of natural ingredients to our customers. The brand was founded in 2018 in Gurugram out of the passion to serve customers with authentic organic products. 

We will publish more about the upcoming Ayurvedic Brands in India for Skincare & Haircare. Stay Tuned!